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As vitreoretinal specialists, we provide comprehensive medical and surgical treatment for all disorders of the retina, macula and vitreous. We focus on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of these conditions. Many abnormalities of the retina and vitreous may cause visual loss. These disorders include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, macular holes, macular edema and epiretinal membranes. Our practice has multiple locations throughout Central California to serve our patients.

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“Limiting our practice strictly to vitreoretinal disease enables us to provide a high level of specialization and expertise in treating these difficult conditions.”
— Robert L. Avery, M.D.

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Dr. Daniel Learned warns about “Eclipse Blindness”

With so many people looking at the sky during this event, there is a hidden danger that a lot of people don’t know about if you stare at the sun without protective eye wear and that is called “eclipse blindness”.

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The Great American Eclipse of 2017 & Solar Retinopathy

What is Eclipse Blindness, Also Known as Solar Retinopathy? Although this anticipated astronomical event is very exciting, it can also be extremely harmful to your vision unless proper precautions are taken before viewing. We all know that you should never

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Bakersfield Office Relocates

To better serve our patients, our Bakersfield’s has relocated as of March 27th, 2017. The new address is: 5555 Business Park South, Suite 100 Bakersfield, CA  93309 T:661.325.4393 F:661.322.8489

New Treatment for Dry AMD

Following major advances in the treatment of wet AMD, researchers at CRRF and around the world are now focusing their attention on treating AMD at earlier stages of the disease process. Genentech, maker of Avastin and Lucentis, is developing a

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